Pastor Jeff Shirley

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Our Pastor

My name is Pastor Jeff Shirley.  I have been pastor of this church for over 20 years now. Just to let you know a bit about me, I was born in Virginia and attended a small congregation called Grace Bible Fellowship Church in a little town called Clearbrook.    

I came to know the Lord at the age of nine after attending a week of Vacation Bible School. At the end of the week, after hearing the gospel message, I couldn't sleep that night. I now know that it was the Spirit of God convicting me of my sin and my need for a Savior. After tossing and turning for what seemed to be a few hours, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. A few minutes later I fell right to sleep and got the best rest that I'd ever had up until that time. 

My Spiritual mentor was pastor John Gowdy, who was the youth minister at our church. He started Grace Youth Camp in Virginia, and I spent many a summer as a camp counselor there. Through those years I was able to lead several children and teens to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Around my senior year in High School, the Lord lead me to apply to Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I spent 5 years there and got my Bachelor's in Theology. After that I attended Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, then known as Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary. It was through there that I got my Masters of Divinity degree. 

  I am grateful to be the pastor of this wonderful congregation. They have taught me as much as I have taught them in many ways.  As a church we want to do our part in winning the world for Jesus Christ and letting them know that they can have a special relationship with the God of the universe through faith in His name. 

 If you're ever in the area, feel free to come and worship with us. You are more than welcome. God bless!

Our Church's Dedication to God's Word and Program for this Dispensation

Our Church is dedicated to preaching and teaching God's Word, rightly divided from a dispensational perspective. We believe that the Body of Christ is God's people in this Dispensation of Grace in which we live and that all true believers in Jesus Christ, regardless of denomination, are members of that one Body. 

 We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ and believe it is our duty to preach the gospel as Christ's representatives on this earth and to lead men and women to a saving relationship with Him through faith. 

If you wish to contact me or any other member of our board please feel free to call us at 231-873-2872.

Our Board Members are:

Pastor Jeff Shirley

Charles Gordon

David Bitely

John Nielson

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